Professional Upholstery Cleaning Nuneaton

Your upholstery and soft furnishings are an important part of your home. Keeping them looking fresh and clean is isn’t easy and we often take for granted how much wear and tear they go through.  Your much loved sofa may be looking a little worn, your favourite rug may not be as vibrant. We often look to replace our upholstery once it starts to look a little worn. ChemDry Leicester has a better, more cost-effective solution – Professional Upholstery Cleaning Nuneaton. We will give your furniture a new lease of life for less than you may have thought.

Professional Upholstery Cleaning Nuneaton

We offer our services in Nuneaton, Leicester and the surrounding areas. Using our revolutionary methods and the latest equipment, we will offer you one of the most advanced cleaning services currently on the market.

You’ll be surprised at the difference that our upholstery cleaning services can make.

Take The Natural® Approach

Our upholstery cleaning process uses The Natural®, made from ingredients whose equivalent can be found in nature. Safe to both children and pets, its non-toxic formula contains no soaps, detergents, phosphates or any other harsh chemicals. With ChemDry Leicester you can be sure your upholstery is in good hands.

Fabric Protection

Want to keep you sofa and soft furnishings looking newer for longer? We can help. We can apply a stain protectant treatment which will help to resist future staining and soiling between professional cleans which will enhance the life of your furniture. The stain protectant can be applied as part of the furniture clean or can be booked as a separate service.

What you can expect

  • Safe and non-toxic solutions
  • Dry within 4-6 hours
  • No sticky or dirt attracting residue
  • Suitable for wool & man-made carpets
  • Cost effective alternative to replacement
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
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