Professional Upholstery Cleaning Leicester

Living near Leicester? Looking for a professional clean for your upholstery? Look no further than ChemDry Leicester. Our professional, no-nonsense clean will have your furniture looking brand new.

Cleaning your upholstery yourself is often enough to keep contaminants and minor stains at bay, but our cutting-edge cleaning technology can help keep your upholstery fresher for longer, and have it feeling better than new at a far cheaper cost than replacement. Also, there’s no need to worry about toxic chemicals and bleaches. We only use ingredients whose equivalent can be found in Mother Nature herself.

Deep Clean the Natural Way, with ChemDry.

Why Choose ChemDry Leicester?

It’s surprising what a thorough clean can do for your sofa and soft furnishings, and here at ChemDry we take pride in what we do.

As such, we use cutting-edge technology and industry-leading cleaning methods. ChemDry Leicester offers you one of the most advanced cleaning services available in the country. Your upholstery will be like new – and you won’t have to wait a decade. Our cleaning solutions take a maximum of 6 hours to be completely dry and effective. The process is also completely safe and non-toxic, meaning that there’s no need to worry about adverse effects to you or your children. You can get back to relaxing on your sofa with peace of mind that it is clean and free of toxins – and it didn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Looking for a professional upholstery cleaning service in Leicester, Nuneaton, Coalville, Loughborough or anywhere else across Leicestershire then look no further than ChemDry. We are your local, professional carpet cleaning experts. Contact us today on 07436 8111844, or send us a message through our contact form.

What You Can Expect from Us:

  • Safe and non-toxic solutions
  • Dry within 4-6 hours
  • No sticky or dirt attracting residue
  • Cost effective alternative to replacement
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

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If you are thinking about having your upholstery or carpets cleaned or you have any queries about our process, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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