Natural Carpet Cleaning Nuneaton

Living in Nuneaton? Carpets looking a little worse for wear? That’s where ChemDry come in. Our professional and affordable cleaning service will have your carpets looking fresh as a daisy without costing you an arm and a a leg. For natural carpet cleaning Nuneaton, choose ChemDry.

Carpets in need of a Clean? Do it The Natural® way.

Our exclusive The Natural© cleaning process uses non-toxic chemicals and cutting edge cleaning technology to get your carpets feeling good as new, without any danger to you or your pets. In other words, this generates natural CO2 to produce millions of tiny effervescent bubbles. These penetrate the carpet fibre, dissolve dirt and stains quickly and act as tiny propellants. As a result of this, it lifts dirt to the surface for extraction.

All of our cleaning solutions take 4-6 hours to be completely dry and effective. Our process is safe and non-toxic. So there is no need to worry about adverse effects to yourself, your family or your pets. Our service leaves no sticky residue or dirt and is suitable for all types of carpets including wool and man-made carpets.

Your home will see a reduction in allergens, dirt and dust and you will have a healthier environment for you and your loved ones, without the unnecessary cost of new carpets.

What you can expect

  • Safe and non-toxic solutions
  • Dry within 4-6 hours
  • No sticky or dirt attracting residue
  • Suitable for wool & man-made carpets
  • Cost effective alternative to replacement
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

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