Hinckley Carpet Cleaning

Why Choose Chemdry?

If you are looking for a local cleaning organisation to take care of your carpet then Chemdry is the one for you. Your carpet is never too far, we operate all over Hinckley to help you maintain your carpet, and keep it looking brand new.

We are a unique company, specialised in cleaning to provide you with a health looking carpet. With decades of carpet care, our experience and knowledge has led us to design the perfect cleaning process. We go through a deep cleanse to ensure we remove dirt, odour and stains from your carpet.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

Have you ever wondered how we get our carpets so clean, so quickly? Well, our specialists are trained to remove any stains, odours and dust from the carpet. They also develop a floor plan based on the amount of traffic that area receives which helps reduce cleaning times significantly, as we know the areas most prone to dirt.

Our process has 80% less moisture than other carpet cleaning processes and there is no soapy residue left on the carpet. How long do you usually have to wait for your carpet to dry? Well we also have most carpets completely dry within 1-2 hours, drastically reducing the risk of mould and bacteria growth. The drying process is extremely fast and efficient because we want to make as little disruption to your day as possible.

Domestic Carpet Cleaning In Hinckley

We work with all kinds of property across Hinckley. We know the struggles you have maintaining and cleaning your home, which is why we have developed a cleaning process to make your life easier. There is no need to stress about the condition of your carpet, you also don’t need to consider buying a new one, because with our advanced carpet cleaning services you will have a healthy looking home. We don’t clean specific rooms, wherever you have a carpet, we will be there. Whether this be a bedroom, lounge or even stairs.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning In Hinckley

For you business owners out there, there is no need to worry, we haven’t forgotten about you. Our carpet cleaning Hinckley services are available for your commercial property across the town. We understand people have shoes on all day walking around on your carpet, spilling coffee and leaving stains. However our professional cleaning process will help keep your carpet in great condition.

The best part about our service is the fact that we don’t want to disturb your business, so there are a few steps we take to ensure this. Firstly we create a review of your floorplan to identify the areas of heavy, moderate and light traffic so we can develop a custom carpet cleaning program, which will give the best results for your carpet. This way we know exactly where we need to focus cleaning before the process starts, to ensure we have minimal disruption on your business.

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