Commercial Carpet Cleaners

Are you in need of professional commercial carpet cleaners in the Leicestershire area? 

At Chemdry Leicester our team of professional cleaners have the tools and skills to change your carpet from looking worn and battered to brand new, looking the same as when you bought it. 

As a business we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality services in the whole of the Leicester area,with our solutions being able to completely transform your living space whether that being upholstery or a well cleaned carpet which will become the centrepiece. 

We offer a free, no obligation estimate for all of our cleaning services.

Our team of Commercial Carpet Cleaners operate within the Leicestershire area, which includes Leicester, Nuneaton, Shepshed, Coalville, Loughborough and many others.

Our Cleaning Solutions

Here at Chemdry Leicester we have many different carpet cleaning solutions available such as Stain protection, Stain removal, Dust mite anti-allergen, Deodorisation, Pet urine and Odour Removal. 

Our Carpet Cleaning services use our very safe and non-toxic cleaning solution, The Natural will get rid of the toughest stains even though it contains no soaps, detergents or surfactants.

How Effective Are Our Solutions

All of our services are professionally done resulting in amazing results compared to DIY solutions, which can only not be effective but could also cause more damage to your carpet which could be irreversible.

When we clean carpets we only use a fifth of the moisture compared to other carpet cleaning processes which use a lot of moisture which highly increases the drying time which therefore increases the chances of bacteria, mould and mildew growth. 

When compared to our processes your carpet will dry within a 1-2 hour window which results in no bacteria growing on your carpet as well as no sticky residue or dirt which is common with other solutions on the market. 

What you can expect

  • Dry Carpets within 1 – 2 hours
  • No sticky or dirt residue on your carpets
  • Free estimate
  • Our solutions are suitable for wool & man-made carpets
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • An effective solution compared to others on the market

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If you have any questions about the services we offer or you want a free estimate feel free to contact us.

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